Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tupac vs. Obama

To know my take on this whole presidantial thing, let's go back to the days when Boys II Men busted their smooth jams and MC Hammer was coming and gone; the days when Tupac and Notorious were alive and lyrically beating each other down until they each got shot and Micheal Jackson was onto only his 4th face lift. Awe.. those were the good ol' days. The days when politics, economy and history were rapped by The Fugees and they sneaked in another language that you would have to get smarter to know that the heck they were talking about (I think it was, like, French or something). I passed high school because u'dem! Der m'heart!

I gotta bus' this point: The world we live in is alarming when every time I turn the radio station to find a good song, I have to turn it again because the newly found song is dirty and/or annoying. Well,...yeah, I still love R-Kelly's I Don't See Nothing Wrong but that's diff'ren'! That song's BOMB. But whatever happened to the songs about Mama and peace? Tupac, Biggie and the Boyz luv'd der Mamaz but that all seems to be so '90's. I'm listening to Changes and Now That We Found Love. Shoo'! Even Heavy D knew what was going on. Now, we've got Hannah-Bo-Bannah on the scene with her puberty fat, acting like she's got somethin'. And everyone's falling for it! Nowadays, The Disney Channel seems to be taking over the charts and nine year olds are hotter than I could ever be, telling me that Obama's great because he's black. (Not quite, High School Musical Cast, not quite). Well, I'm not falling for it! Hulkamania is still in my Top Ten Records and I will always have TLC's No Scrubs in my iPod so that Left Eye will always be wit' me. Now, I'm going to share a li'l secret with you: I always hated New Kids on The Block. Maybe that is anti-90's of me but that's just the way it is - some things will never change: They're crap.
BUT BACK TO Changes... Tupac had skillz poh-lit-tik-alie! Obama says he's all about CHANGE and I don't think anyone really knows what that means...still. But I see no changes. All I see is racist faces. Take the Inaugural Benediction for example, the colors were put in their own compartment by some pimped-out rhyme (which isn't fair because a lot of the ESL and Asian peeps up in 'er' don't unde's'and what da boyz' peepin'). Where was Twista and the turn table? Whatdu? Why you gotta be segregatin' right from the beginning? That's just the way it. But, with Obama, I have a feeling that things will never be the same, 'cause that's just the way it is. However, some things will never change like the war in the Middle EAS'! I don't know if this new color of a president will make any difference because I believe it is bes' to judge based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I think the great reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. had said that once.... why couldn't the prayer be based off of that, rather than some demo trape stolen from a wanna-be Disney rapper? I've got news for ya: Mama didn't raise no foo'! Aw-w-w-we yu-eah!