Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haven't Met You, Yet

Jenn sent it to me and I fell in love--with the song. This song is mine. And I'll tell you why...

  1. I love marching bands and was in the marching band all four years of high school (percussion & clarinet); yes, I am a full-on music nerd from SoCal (Tor! That was for you, Toots!)

  2. I love dance of all styles and majored in dance in college and you may just catch me dancing to this song when I think no one is looking...

  3. I only date men I meet in grocery stores who sing to me (I haven't dated in a while)

  4. I have blond hair and I wear pants with necklaces

  5. I love grocery stores so much--you don't even know

  6. I've got a thing for Michael Buble and I want to work with David Foster (David Foster is the one who discovered Michael. Thanks, Dave!)

  7. I keep a spare bed in aisle 5

  8. Confetti is totally my thing

  9. I'll sing to cashiers for discounts (I got a free receipt last time)

  10. Many a Latino have told me that I look and sound like I'm from Argentina when I speak spanish. The girl he's singin' to is from Argentina. There's another reason!
  11. I haven't met him, yet, and I wonder where he is

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Fads Oops! I Meant '2009 Goals'

I prepared for this year, wanting to make it eventful and full of so many events. I made goals that I thought to make such events full of achieved goals but I realized, as December came to an end, the goals made were beyond my control or unreasonable, hence acheiving them was not ever possible. Here were my goals:

10. Acquire food storage for the 2012 death of my existence... 2012 was two years away so I ate it all

9. Make sure Taylor Swifts finishes all her speeches... Kanye blew it

8. Back-up the U.S. President... He hasn't done anything worth backing, yet

7. Find all cats, make them dead and turn them into trees so that it's greener and global warming stops... Cats are so fast

6. Be the best flu fighter in the world... I don't have the tools to measure that

5. Make an "I Got an App For That" app... I need a better phone

4. Give all dogs a crib, a stroller and a Gucci bag... Paris, Britney, Torrie and Boy George beat me to it

3. Create a reality show of smart people who don't need a reality show to pay the bills... They didn't go for it

2. Be a good American, despite that I am a white, heterosexual, religious American who loves America... Guess not

1. Fly off into NASA (inspired by Kanye West)... I don't have the equipment for that

As you can see, there were no events this year. Maybe next year, I could show blue people a better way of life, teach all of the celebrities' children about Wal-Mart or bring back the payphone.