Friday, November 19, 2010

My Date At the End of A Crazy Week

I have four more weeks of this semester left. During this time, I go through everything to make sure I am realistically on track. I do admit that, no matter how much work I do, I never am. When it comes to music, there is no end--all you have to do is turn in all you can, progress as well as you can and hope it's good enough to pass. After assessing the next four weeks, I have come up with this rough draft of a check list: I need to complete two films, one more orchestration, perform in an opera concert, perform in an aria competition, sing for juries, perform in the ensemble concert, finish another semester of math within these next fours weeks. Not to mention, I have to memorize 6 Spanish, 3 French, 9 Italian, 4 English, and 7 German songs.
The good thing is that I lost track of what I have accomplished for this semester. Once I finish a task, I take a big breathe of relief and move on. I can't wait to do that December 16th.
What I do like is how I get li'l breaks to be with my cute li'l nieces and nephews. Like this li'l guy. Baby Ethan and I took a li'l break from the composing, the memorizing, the theory and the practicing to hang out on a Friday night.

Ethan had fun watching himself on the computer

This chubby cutie was my date tonight and I LOVED it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today's Kinda Day

Hello! Today is a cold 'n' windy November Tuesday and I see that I haven't blogged lately... but I don't really know what to blog about. So I'll just talk about a subject that is screaming at me: TODAY!

Today is a cleaning up, hurrying up, searching for a dang parking space, taking notes, conducting an orchestra, composing film trailers, memorizing endless amounts of solos, arias, duets, answering my students' questions, reading blogs, parking in teachers' parking and hoping I don't get a ticket and then finding one sitting on my windshield,

studying up to be prepared for tomorrow, avoiding annoyances, getting out of waste-of-time banter, registering for more classes next semester, talking to the teachers, asking to be taught s'more to understand EVERYTHING I can kinda day.

And it's only 1:30 in the afternoon.

I'm looking forward to (trying to look forward to) a piano-playing and practicing, studying even more, memorizing even more, working out, being with Spencer and getting ready for tomorrow morning, and getting a restful sleep kinda night.

I hope tomorrow is a more productive and successful day.