Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Last Of Summer

If you know me at all, you know how much I love the heat, sunshine, beaches, swimming and year-round summer. Welp! Utah has some of that stuff about 1/4 of the year so I lived it up as much as I could. Spencer and I went to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Mexico for the beaches, fishing, water parks and a bunch of other summer-y things. We did what we could to keep the summer days going even though that season is long gone. However, it's late October and there have been some warm, sunny days here and there! Yeah! So we did what we could to hold on...

A Sunday afternoon at Cascade Springs. Here is a picture of Spencer and all of it. I like this picture and all the layers and textures of Cascade.

Here we are at one of the 'staircases' of Cascade Springs.

This is right before we left because it was getting pretty cold. It was a hard thing to accept.

Then we left for Crystal Lake Saturday afternoon where it would be nice 'n' sunny. No, we had no idea we would be fishing in the snow-capped mountains...

...But we kept on keeping on with a fire and had a great time, cooking and eating the fish Spencer caught like a champ. I pulled a couple in and I was in charge of cooking the fish there (I have two, dangling from that stick I'm holding). I was so back-woodsy, you have no idea.

A Sunday afternoon in the Provo Canyon is always a good thing. We did our usual BBQ and, this time, Spencer's brother, Brandon, and his wife, Kia, came along and we played football until really, really late.

As hard as it is to accept, summer is gone...

...But I had so much FUN!

Now I've gotta come up with things to do for the cold times... My mind's a blank. I need cider and things to do for super cheap. Any ideas?