Monday, February 7, 2011

New Life, New Name, New Blog

Hello! I have a new name now 'cause I just got married! It's Kristine Stewart Corbett.
I love my new name! I always wanted a middle name and now I've finally got one! I always thought 'Stewart' was a cool name for anyone, including a middle name for a girl, so I'm good over here. My maiden name means 'Anointed Royalty.' Now that I have a third name, my name means 'Anointed Royal Raven.' That's sup'm...

And I've been putting my different nicknames with my new last name and Spencer and I had fun with it. He brought up 'Kiffy Corbett' and 'Kif Corbett'. Isn't that so cute!? But I've got my 'Kris,' 'Kristine' but my favorite is 'Kristi'. I think Kristi Corbett is the prettiest one. So that is how I will introduce myself to new people who want to meet Mrs. Corbett (me). Dohpe! I need to sign my name like crazy tomorrow and I have no idea how I like it. I've got work to do, fellas!

Since I have a new name, I have a new email address ( and a new blog ( So just use those ones from now on, okay! Thank you! See you over there!

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